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Introduce about Ultimate Fishing Knots App


Ultimate Fishing Knots Pro – Happened in summer of 2011. I was fishing and I had to tie a knot, which I used a very long time ago. Ok, no panic, “there is an app for that”, so I’ve checked the Android market, but I was quite disappointed, as I could not find such app, which would gave step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions with good photos.
So I’ve made this app. That’s it.

Ultimate Fishing Knots application illustrates how to make the most popular fishing knots, categorized in 4 chapters: line, hook, misc and boating knots. Step-by-step instructions help anyone to master those.
Ultimate Fishing Knots Features

 58 knots in five categories
 Easy-to-follow instructions
 Tablet support
 Favorites support
 Eagle eye mode
 Three different themes: Black and Light, Automatic
 Fish browser
 Removable Ads
 5 supported languages: English, Hungarian, Italian, German and Spanish

Line knots

• Tying loops: Simple loop, Bight, 3-turn loop
• Stop knots: Multi-wrap stop knot, Figure of eight stop knot, Uni stop knot
• Dropper loops and leaders: Butterfly loop, Dropper loop, Surgeon’s knot, Alpin, Linfit
• Joining leader to loop: Joining loops 1-2, Quick joining to loop
• Line to line: Albright, Blood and Fishermans knot

Hook knots

• Spade end hooks: Domhof, Needle knot, Snelling
• Knotless knot
• Eyed hooks: Crawford, Herkules, Trilene, Fisherman’s knot 1-2, Lefty’s knot
• Fly or/and eyed hooks: Duncan, Mörrum, Orvis
• Drop shot knot
• Palomar knot
• WF knot

Misc knots

• Knots for swivels and snap locks: Clinch, Hangman’s knot, Sling knot
• Not-a-knot
• Arbour knots
• Rapala knot
• Universal knots: Rebeck, Kentauri, Pitzen

Sea knots

• 3x Dropper loops, Thumb knot, Marshall knot, Knot for trolling, Spider knot, Bimini twist
Boating knots
• Bowline, Anchor knot, Sliding knot, Double hitch, Cleat knot and Clove hitch

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ChangelogVersion 9.30.0
• New freshwater fishes: Starry sturgeon, Ukrainian brook lamprey, Danube lamprey,Pontic shad, European cisco
• Android library updates to provide up-to-date security and stability

Ultimate Fishing Knots MOD InfoPremium features unlocked

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