Cradle of Empires Mod APK v7.3.0 (Free shopping)

Cradle of Empires Match 3 Game Apk info

Cradle Of Empires Mod APK Game is a puzzle game that combines the gameplay from the classic ‘match 3’ with a little bit of adventure and strategy. All this is wrapped up in thrilling story set in ancient Egypt, where you have to face the evil dark prophet Amrun.


Essentially, Cradle Of Empires is a strategy game where you have to build houses, farms, businesses, and much more. That said, to get all the resources necessary to complete these constructions, you have to overcome tons of levels in the same style as Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. In these levels, as usual, you have to match the like elements to make them disappear from the board. There are up to six different variants of the typical match 3.

As you play, win levels, and unlock new locations, you also advance through the story of the game. Your job is to help Nimiru and other Egyptian colonists in the fight against the evil Amrun, a powerful sorcerer that will do everything in his power to destroy the empire.

Cradle of empires Mod APK is an excellent ‘match 3’ for Android that manages to successfully integrate other genres like strategy and adventure. And it does all this while offering beautiful graphics and an overwhelming number of levels.

Cradle of Empires Mod APK
Cradle of Empires Mod APK
Cradle of Empires Mod APK
Cradle of Empires Mod APK

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– This long-awaited update includes some fun surprises:
– Your journey beyond the stars awaits! New galactic quests have been unveiled by Seba, Guardian of the Gate! So go forth, Traveler, and solve the mystery of the Celestial Cube!
– The time for the great Guilds to open their doors is nearly upon us! It won’t be long now!

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Purchases in all sections of the store, except Other, increase the number of diamonds and can be made even when you do not have enough.

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