Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting v2.4.83 (Mod – Free Purchase) 

Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting v2.4.83 (Mod – Free Purchase) 

Introduce about Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game App

Drift Max Pro Mod APK Game is a 3D driving game where your main objective isn’t just to cross the finish line first. You’ll also need to gain the highest possible number of skid marks as you go by drifting down the raceway. The longer you manage to drift, the better your score is.


From the control options within Drift Max Pro you can pick between two distinct control systems: tilt your smartphone using its built-in accelerometer or set up buttons that appear on screen as your controls. Regardless of how you decide to drive, the key to drifting is to maintain proper balance between speed, brakes and driving direction. That’s the only way you’ll make it to the top of the scoreboard.

In Drift Max Pro you’ll find there are a huge number of different kinds of content available to you. On one hand, you’ll find there are dozens of different scenes of all sorts including airports, closed circuits, and cities. And on the other hand, you’ll find there are a ton of different vehicles available for you to choose from. Best of all, you’ll get to fine tune and customize every aspect of your car.

Drift Max Pro Mod APK is an excellent 3D driving game that offers players precise control systems, outstanding graphics and enough content to keep you hands on the wheel for hours and hours to come.

Download Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game MOD APK


Car physics are upgraded.
Controlling both cars in multiplayer issue is fixed.
Crash during multiplayer issue is fixed.
Notification error while inviting a friend issue is fixed
Upgrade button getting stuck in the screen issue is fixed.
We brought a notification when saving your progress to prevent override your save files.
Added F.A.Q button in the setting menu.
Controls doesn’t respond to your input issue is fixed.
Season and daily rewards not being rewarded issue is fixed.

Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game MOD Info

Free purchases for game currency (you can buy cars and customization items, even if you don’t have enough game currency);
Tires purchased without restrictions.

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