Gangs Town Story Mod APK v0.17.2b (Free shopping)

GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open-world shooter Apk info

Gangs Town Story Mod APK Game (formerly known as Streets of Fire) is an open-world action game. This time, you’re in control of a criminal who’s starting to make his way to the underworld. Your goal is to become the true king of the city. To do so, you have to face a bunch of dangerous obstacles.


The control system in Gangs Town Story is really well adapted to touchscreens. The movement stick is located on the left side of the screen and to the right you can find all the action buttons to attack, jump, or interact with elements of the setting. For example, When you’re approaching a vehicle, a button appears on the screen so you can steal it.

Although the similarities with the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) saga are more than apparent, the truth is that Gangs Town Story has an original story and characters. Your adventure begins with your character hanging around his neighborhood – no weapons or vehicles. As you get to know new characters and complete missions, you can earn money and improve your reputation, allowing you to move up the criminal ladder in the city.

Gangs Town Story Mod APK is an excellent 3D action game, offering a gameplay experience that’s very similar to the amazing sandbox games for PC or console, but perfectly reduced and adapted to touchscreens. The best part is that this game also includes an outstanding graphic section.

Gangs Town Story Mod APK
Gangs Town Story Mod APK
Gangs Town Story Mod APK
Gangs Town Story Mod APK

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-Fixed mission launch bug
-Added story missions to the first districts
-Fixed interface display issues
-Changed car theft missions

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