Head Ball 2 v1.270 (Last Update)

Head Ball 2 v1.270 (Last Update)

Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer Apk info

Head Ball 2 Game is a 2D soccer game that challenges you to participate in thrilling duels where you’ll be competing in one vs. one matches against your opponent. You have 90 seconds to score more goals than your rival. And you better score them because rounds usually end with at least half a dozen goals per player.


Game Features :

  • Play football against real opponents from all across the world in real-time!
  • Thrilling moments with the voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson!
  • Facebook connection to play with your friends!
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics.
  • 125 unique characters to unlock.
  • 5 unique competitive soccer leagues with 15 brackets to play through.
  • Hundreds of accessories to improve your football hero!
  • Plan out your strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers.
  • Card packs that contain characters and items.
  • Gain supporters to unlock new stadiums.
  • Daily Missions to get more fun and rewards!

There are five buttons available to you in Head Ball 2: two direction buttons that help you move to the left or right of the field; a jump button and a high and a low shot button. Also, on the upper part of the screen you’ll see a button that lets you activate your special skill.

When you start playing Head Ball 2, you’ll probably face other players in friendly online games. During these 90 second games you’ll quickly realize who the best player is. But, if you really want to test yourself, then you have to enter one of the many tournaments that the game includes. That’s where the real action happens because you’ll be playing against the best of the best.

There are more than 50 different characters available to you and some of them have been clearly inspired by some of the most popular players in the soccer world. You can also equip your characters with a ton of different cleats, t-shirt collars, glasses, hats and other accessories. The customization options are almost infinite.

Head Ball 2 has improved the formula of the first version of the saga by offering you a more polished gameplay, better visuals and a lot more characters and settings.

Head Ball 2
Head Ball 2
Head Ball 2

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– Trainers with the reward icon will now collect Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rainbow Cards for you while you are away.
– New team frames and colored displays are available in cup progression! Collect cups to earn brand new exclusive rewards and team accessories!
– Max level limit has been increased. Collect the most valuable level up rewards to date!
– New heroic characters with brand new missions are on the way!.

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