Head Soccer Mod APK v6.17.2 (Unlimited Money)

Head Soccer Mod APK v6.17.2 (Unlimited Money)

Head Soccer APK Review

Head Soccer Mod APK Game is a football game where you take part in exciting one on one matches, in which two big heads will have to put all their efforts into scoring more goals than their opponent.

Game Features : 

  • Various 93 Avatars & Unique Special Shot !!
  • 7 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survial, League, Head Cup, Death Mode, Fight Mode)
  • Online Multiplayer via Google Play Service
  • Physics based gameplay (Box2d)
  • Submit Facebook

Players have three buttons: one jump, to leap up and head home; one shot, where in addition to hitting the ball, you can hit the opponent; and one special, to carry out super shots.

Although it is possible to play Head Soccer ‘clean’ by simply trying to score more goals than your opponent, it likely that both players will end up bleeding quite heavily. This is because playing dirty is everything here, you can hit, kick and head butts the opponent as much as you like.

Head Soccer Mod APK is a fun sport game, in which you can not only score goals (which pretty much everyone enjoys), but also kick your opponents in the head. And thanks to the super big-headed players, it is even more fun.

Head Soccer Mod APK
Head Soccer Mod APK
Head Soccer Mod APK


+ fixed bug ( run crash )

MOD info

Unlimited money

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