Hidden Hotel Mod APK v1.1.77.1 (Unlimited Money)

Hidden Hotel Mod APK v1.1.77.1 (Unlimited Money)

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Apk info

Hidden Hotel Mod APK Game is an action and adventure game – part of the hidden objects subgenre – where players have to restore a hotel and, to do it, take on the job of finding various objects hidden in the jam-packed rooms.


Game Features : 

● Mix of hidden object game and hotel renovation
● Incredible cinematic storyline
● Designable interiors
● Cute characters
● Daily bonuses

The gameplay here is very simple: at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the tasks you need to complete so you can restore this pretty old hotel. To start ticking items off your list you’ve got to collect points. You get them by solving hidden object puzzles – that is, ones where you have to find all the objects on a list before time runs out. As you find the objects, you can cross them off, but note that if you randomly go around tapping objects you lose points and it’ll take even longer to restore your hotel. As you renovate the various spaces you get to choose from various designs and customize them as desired.

Hidden Hotel Mod APK is a fun game wth genuinely pretty graphics that should deliver some sizable doses of fun as you sharpen your eye.

Hidden Hotel Mod APK
Hidden Hotel Mod APK
Hidden Hotel Mod APK

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The trash has been taken out, there are no more bugs in the hotel, and the hotel employees have finished their tea party and are already waiting for your return! Come back to the game to receive a new dose of happiness!

MOD Info

1. Unlimited Money*
2. Unlimited Stars*
3. Unlimited Brushes*
4. Unlimited Energy*
*Increase instead of decrease

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