House Designer : Fix & Flip v1.100 (Mod – Money)

House Designer : Fix & Flip v1.100 (Mod – Money)

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House Designer: Fix & Flip Mod APK Game is a lovely game that offers -as realistically as possible- the experience of renovating and decorating a house. This time, your mission is to take a dilapidated one-story home and clear the garbage, clean, decorate, and get it ready for its new owners!

But the house has a long way to go before it’s ready to be inhabited. At the beginning of the game, it’s filled with bottles, pizza boxes, trash… it’s simply disgusting. Not only that, but you’ll also have to deal with broken walls, carpet stains and furniture infested with bedbugs and termites. Your first task is obvious: take out all the garbage, clean up the dirt, and clean the room so you can restore the walls and floors. And when it’s time to get to work, this game doesn’t leave out a single detail: you’ll have to use the wheel on the right to put on gloves before picking up trash, change the brush when you’re cleaning, and buy cement, paint, and wallpaper to start covering the holes in the walls and restoring them.

And although you’ll start the game with just a little bit of money to invest in the house, you’ll soon earn more as you restore each area of the house. Slowly but surely, you’ll even be able to renovate other buildings and spaces, from homes to commercial buildings and even parks.

Overall, House Designer: Fix & Flip Mod APK is a fun game, that’s realistic to the smallest details. it’s the perfect game for anyone who loves decorating and renovating!

WHAT’S NEWIn this update, we have redesigned and added new bathroom items. Added the ability to change the faucets on the sinks and turn on the water in them. Fixed known bugs.

House Designer : Fix & Flip MOD APK Info:A lot of money to unlock all houses

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