Hustle Castle Mod APK v1.61.1 (increase the speed battle)

Hustle Castle Mod APK v1.61.1 (increase the speed battle)

Hustle Castle: Medieval games APK Review

Hustle Castle Mod APK Game is a strategy RPG similar to Fallout Shelter, but instead of managing a nuclear shelter, you have to manage a medieval castle. You need to build new rooms, train the castle’s inhabitants, and of course fight tons of enemies.

Game Features : 

  • Plunge into story-driven RPG campaign! Fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even dragons in hundreds of missions! Battle magic, cold steel and cunning roleplaying strategy!
  • Build your own castle! Build new rooms for your stronghold and upgrade the existing ones. You’ve got all you need to create a dream castle! Begin the castle base-building now!
  • Train the villagers in your kingdom! Each of your dwellers can learn new skills and wear any equipment. Enjoy the Medieval Fantasy RPG, train great warriors and scribes… and then swap them with each other!
  • Co-op: Play with a friend or random player and go in search of treasure in mysterious dungeons
  • Enjoy Multiplayer in the mobile game. Get medieval! Burn and plunder the kingdom of someone you don’t like… And you don’t like all of them, right?

The battles in Hustle Castle are simple. Before sending your adventurers on a mission, you have to prepare their equipment, choosing the best weapons and armor available and keeping in mind that once the battles commence, you can only watch. Your heroes fight automatically.

As you win battles against the orcs, the undead, and other enemies, you’ll advance in the game’s story. That said, this is only one small part of Hustle Castle. You’ll actually spend more time in your castle, which you can manage however you want, building and improving all sorts of rooms. You can also manage all your inhabitants from the castle.

Hustle Castle Mod APK is a fun strategy game with touches of RPG. It has excellent graphics and character designs like the ones from hit adult cartoons like Family Guy or American Dad.

Hustle Castle Mod APK
Hustle Castle Mod APK
Hustle Castle Mod APK


Dear Lords and Ladies, the Desert Treasure Hunt is about to begin! Get ready for a variety of unique rewards. Wait for Argonius to show up at your castle gate!
– Now you will receive a notification if you have unspent souls left when the portal expires.
– In Auto battle settings, you can now choose the number of battles based on the current amount of food in the store.

MOD info

– added a button to increase the speed battle

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