Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood v1.1.8 (Mod – Unlocked)

Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood v1.1.8 (Mod – Unlocked)

Introduce about Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood App

Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood Mod APK Game Step foot in a creepy neighborhood and try to save your friend – who has simply vanished – in this first-person terror game called Ice Scream. A sinister and mysterious ice cream man has kidnapped your friend Charlie, and it’s up to you to save him… before it’s too late.

In Ice Scream you’ll find realistic, immersive settings as you try to save Charlie. Stealthily sneak through each one, or the evil ice cream man will definitely catch you! The game has very easy-to-use controls: a virtual joystick to move your character, and buttons on the right-hand side for actions.

Tiptoe through your surroundings, checking all sides to avoid the ice cream man, and find secret keys to open doors and advance to new locations. You’ll have to find the right tools in each area to move forward, and it won’t be easy.

Ice Scream Mod APK Game is an Android game packed with intrigue and terror. Without a doubt, it’ll keep you entertained – and scared – as you search for your friend. It also has great graphics, which you can adapt from the main menu to suit your device. Give it a try and see if you can save Charlie before it’s too late.

Download Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK


– Updated Game Over scene
– Ad network libraries updated

Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood MOD Info

– no ads
– stupid bot
– all tips included

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