Idle GYM Sports v1.79 (Mod – Free in-app purchase)

Introduce about Idle GYM Sports – Fitness Workout Simulator Game App

Idle GYM Sports Mod APK Game is a fun strategy game belonging to the subgenre of idle clickers where you have to manage a gym and make it grow. Your goal is to be able to offer a wide range of sports and services while, at the same time, upgrading the gym’s installations at better prices to make a profit.


The gameplay in Idle GYM Sports is simple: you start with one archery lane, a ticket office and a long line of people who want to enjoy the sports in your gym. With this, you are already to start receiving people who are ready to spend their money on the sport.

In the beginning, none of your customers are particularly quick, and so they will take quite a long time to go to the gym and give you money. However, bit by bit, as the business grows, you can increase the number of lanes to have various people exercising at the same time, and you can increase the speed at which they exercise so that they leave earlier and new people can enter to spend their money on your installations. Of course, the more you tap on the screen, the quicker the customers go and leave a space open for the next person. The idea is to expand the installations and, in addition to archery, offer dozens of more sports.

Additionally, Idle GYM Sports has a goals and achievements system that lets you obtain extra profit with which you can carry out the necessary upgrades to make the gym grow. So, the more goals you complete, the more you can keep completing, as you will always need money.

Idle GYM Sports Mod APK is a pretty entertaining strategy idle game where you can enjoy the feeling of completing goals while you invest your money and wait for the results.

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1. Fixed some display bugs.

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