Last Shelter: Survival v2.0.7 (Free – Google Play)

Last Shelter: Survival v2.0.7 (Free – Google Play)

Introduce about Last Shelter: Survival App

Last Shelter: Survival is a strategy and management based game set in a world dominated by zombies that puts you in the shoes of a shelter’s commander. Your job is to guarantee the safety of all residents and improve their chance for survival as best you can.

Like with most other similar games, you’ll start off with your operations base only. But, as you start completing your missions you can construct all kinds of buildings and structures such as farms, mines, oil extractors, garages, hospitals or barracks. Each structure will actually serve its purpose.

One of the most interesting elements of Last Shelter: Survival is that when you complete all the missions in one chapter, you can advance to the next one. When you go on to the next chapter you can see how the story progresses as well as recruit new special characters. These special characters or heroes give you unique advantages against the combats with the un-dead.

Last Shelter: Survival is a really entertaining strategy game that includes great visuals and introduces some pretty original elements inside the traditional formula of the genre. The setting is also clearly influenced by The Walking Dead.

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The following actions will no longer offer Clash of Alliances points starting from the third Clash of Alliances, so as to ensure fairness in the case of a bye
– Obtaining champion in the Champion Duel
– Occupying the Launch Center of the original or enemy State
– Alliance victory in the Operation: Oblivion

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