Make More v3.5.6 (Mod – Unlimited Money)

Make More v3.5.6 (Mod – Unlimited Money)

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Make More! Mod APK Game is a casual game where you tap your screen nonstop with the aim of manufacturing a whole bunch of different objects. Every now and then your line manager will switch up the item that you’re producing, but this change is aesthetic only, as you simply have to carry on tap, tap, tapping to keep producing.

With the money you get from selling your products you can buy new work stations, where you’ll be kept company by characters from films, cartoons, games – all of whom will also be producing nonstop.

When you hire a new worker, he starts out with little experience and low productivity. Luckily you can also use your money to level up your workers so they produce more in less time, in turn earning you more and more money. Just like real life, eh?

Make More! Mod APK is an entertaining casual game with nice-looking pixelated graphics and a good variety of characters, items to produce, and settings. An ideal game for killing a few minutes.

Changelog* Training Gym! Train your workers to get permanent bonuses and make great profits!
* Training Gym Shop: Buy training equipment and gym upgrades!
* Auto-Clicker upgrades! Tired of clicking? These are for you!
* By a popular request: Robot upgrader automaton! Got a factory full of robots and lots of coins to spend? You will love this.
* Tip: Build three factories to unlock training gym!

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