NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball v6.1.00 (Latest version)

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball v6.1.00 (Latest version)

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Apk info

NBA LIVE Mod APK Game Mobile is a 3D basketball game developed by Electronic Arts. Thanks to its official NBA licenses, you can find real teams like the Bulls, Lakers, and Cavaliers; and even play as Kevin Garnett, Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade, or other star players.

The controls are pretty complicated, and for that reason, NBA LIVE Mobile provides an extensive tutorial that explains how to pass, block, dribble, and of course, shoot the ball. You need to master these movements if you want to have a chance against the computer-controlled teams.

In NBA LIVE Mobile, you can play regular games with four quarters against other NBA teams, and also participate in daily events. In these types of events, you can play in specific competitions: foul shots, slam dunks, etc. Plus, you can earn special cards.

Just like in the mobile versions of FIFA, in NBA LIVE Mobile, you can put together your own team using different cards. You can purchase more cards with the money you earn within the game itself, or with real money.

NBA LIVE Mobile Mod APK is one of the few great basketball games available on Android. Thanks to the usual excellent work from Electronic Arts, you can also find outstanding presentation and graphics.

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Welcome to the new season of NBA Live

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