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Race.io Apk info

Race.io Mod APK Game is a live multiplayer that puts you behind the wheel of a super fast car in order to cross the finish line in first place, no matter what it takes. If you like online games that make you face other users and you want to participate in quick and action-packed rounds, this adventure will take you to heart-stopping settings.


Game Features : 

  • Compete 4 Players
    – Race against opponents from around the world
  • Stunts
    – Make insane jumps
  • Matchmaking
    – Play against people at your skill
  • Leaderboard
    – Win races to get your name to the TOP.

In order to control your car, you just have to click on the screen. As soon as your finger touches the screen, your vehicle will start racing but it’ll also start rotating during jumps. Make sure you learn how to manage the turns you perform mid-air because you have to land on your feet, otherwise your car will explode and you’ll have to wait until you regenerate (which makes you lose valuable seconds).

On the upper part of your screen, you can view the other players’ location which helps you avoids crashes, adjust your strategy or take shortcuts. The race will definitely test your skills because you’ll find all kinds of turns and acrobatic jumps that could play all kinds of tricks on you.

As you continue to collect points and win races, you’ll start leveling up through the different arenas where you’ll face expert competitors and more difficult challenges. Earn chests filled with coins and buy new cars to customize your Race.io Mod APK experience. You can also climb up the worldwide ranking system of the game and beat all the other players to become number one.

Race.io Mod APK
Race.io Mod APK
Race.io Mod APK

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