Rayman Adventures v3.9.95 (Normal + Mod) 

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Rayman Adventures Mod Ais a 2D platformer that follows in the footsteps of the franchise’s last two big releases: Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. On this occasion, you have to retrieve the ancient seeds that make up the essence of the sacred tree and have been scattered in different parts of the world. Luckily, Rayman can count on help from his friend, Barbara, who you also play.


Rayman Adventures’ gameplay is as simple as it is fun: you can change where your character runs by just sliding your finger in that direction, jump by tapping the screen, and attack by sliding your finger in the same direction that your character is running. With this simple control system, you have to beat all the levels and find all the hidden secrets.

Beating levels is relatively easy, but exploring and finding all the hidden content isn’t. This is the only way you can restore the essence of the sacred tree. It’s also the only way to earn elements for customizing your characters, who you can outfit with special suits. Considering how beautiful the game is, it’s worth it to see all the different appearances of Rayman and his friends.

Rayman Adventures is an excellent 2D platformer that has perfect controls for touchscreens and absolutely outstanding graphics. Ubisoft has definitely hit the nail on the head with this game.


This update includes minor bug fixes and improvements

Rayman Adventures MOD APK Info

Get a lot of diamonds to obtain diamonds
Use enough chicken legs without reducing but increasing

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