Real Racing 3 Mod APK v10.3.6 (2 Mods – Unlocked)

Real Racing 3 Apk info

Real Racing 3 Mod APK Game is the third installment from the star racing franchise of Electronic Arts in Android. Its principal difference in regard to the last productions is that this time the game is totally free…although the game is full of shopping.


This means that downloading and starting to play Real Racing 3 Mod APK is free, but as soon as we want to squeeze the best out of the game, we will have to start paying. At first, this is not a problem, but on the long run, this game can become more expensive than any similar game.

In spite of this bad payment method, Real Racing 3 is an interesting racing game, it´s control system is perfectly adapted to touch devices, and will allow us to compete online against many players from around the world.

Furthermore, on a graphic level, it´s possible that Real Racing 3 is one of the best titles in Google Play, with spectacular detail regarding the cars. To this realism, we have to add that the cars represent real models, so we will recognize many of them at a glance.

Real Racing 3 Mod Menu APK is a great racing game in spite of its payment method having to wait several hours to be able to play.

Install Steps:

  1. Use File explorer to rename game data folder name, mostly is /Android/data/
  2. Uninstall official game.
  3. Install mod version apk.
  4. Rename the back data folder.
  5. Launch the game and enjoy it.
Real Racing 3 Mod APK
Real Racing 3 Mod APK
Real Racing 3 Mod APK

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In this update:

• Collect VP for Round 6 from events in the Round Hub to earn the 2021 BMW M4
• Earn the Apollo IE in Club Day: Apollo IE
• Get the BMW M4 GT3 in a new Race Day event and put then take on a Time Trial Competition
• We are bringing the brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 to the game. Don’t miss it
• Real Racing 3 turns 9! Get the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS for free and use it in a celebratory TTC to earn an exclusive Birthday livery.

MOD Info

Mod 1 info:
– 30 million R $ and 15,000 helmets (if there is more, the account can be banned)
– bought some cars

Mod 2 info:
– 4 million MS
– R$ 30 million
– 15 thousand gold (helmets)
– bought 302 cars
– career completed 70%
– player level 282

Mod 3 (Assistants)  info:

1. Race event customizer: Customize race event and laps, customize racing car.
2. Racing assistant: Supports 4 race modes such as auto driving, etc.
3. Tracking Camera assistant: Unlock more tracking cameras in racing and replaying.
4. Endurance assistant: Can get lots of fame points then quickly level up to earn golds.
5. Round reward assistant: Get new version round reward for free.
6. Car Customization assistant: Unlock set of tire width and aspect ratio. Unlock 3 extra paints and Hyundai rims. Support personalisation for all cars.
7. Get all cars for free. Include expired cars and upcoming events cars.
8. Set all cars for vip/fully upgraded.
9. Easy levelup drivers/principals.

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