Sky Champ: Monster Attack v7.1.0 (Mod – free purchases)

Sky Champ: Monster Attack v7.1.0 (Mod – free purchases)

Introduce about Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter – Monster Attack App


Sky Champ: Monster Attack Mod APK Game – an interesting project that combines elements of a scrolling shooter and collecting monsters. The user waits for more than a hundred levels with varying landscapes and levels of difficulty depending on the skills of the game. In the process of passing the gamer will be able to collect in its collection hundreds of monsters with different appearance and characteristics. To do this, you will need to defeat them in battle. In addition to collecting creatures then you can also do improvements in the skills the monsters and try their wards in a battle with other real users in Sky Champ: Monster Attack Mod APK

 GAME STORY Sky Champ: Monster Attack 

500 years ago, the fierce dragon beast Typhragon went rage and was about to destroy the earth. An ancient hero defeated the dragon beast and then sealed its spirit in a soulstone. Until one day, the soulstone was stolen by the Phoenix Raiders who then summoned the dragon beast and bred a fierce alien monster army to invade your world. You will train your monster squadron to join the Monster Strikers Force and strike back against the alien invaders.
 FEATURES Sky Champ: Monster Attack 

★ Unique retro arcade shmup brings back nostalgia of top-down arcade shooters and Japanese bullet hell shooters from your childhood.
★ Adventure Mode with 100 Levels will unfold the story of the Monster Strikers Force against the Phoenix Raiders
★ Procedurally generated Arcade Shmup Mode. Each flight is distinct
★ Lightning fast shooty experience with Dynamic Difficulty Balancing
★ Many top-down shooting game modes to challenge your skills of shooting monsters, dodging bullet waves and fighting bosses.
★ Collecting 100+ formidable flying monster pets and Sky Beasts with distinct attacks and crowd control skills. Use them tactically against the enemy monster invaders to gain advantage. Are you a monster-holic?
★ Monster evolution: like in best monster catching and collecting games, transform your monsters, unlock new abilities and exceed level caps!
★ Distinct Power-Ups including thunder strike missiles, falcon ice blasts, phoenix revive, lightning bombs, thunder blazes
★ Catching and Collecting legendary sky monster pets
★ 100+ equipment e.g. radiant falcon swords, thunder phoenix ring, elemental wing sabre, barrage shield will exceed your monsters’ limits.
★ Online multi-player Sky League: compete against other monster trainers’ squads.
★ Pick-up-and-play space shooting game with simple one-handed controls. Dodging bullet waves and shooting alien monsters have never felt so fun and satisfying!
★ Best of both worlds: combining retro space shooting experience of best arcade galaxy shooters with depth and strategy of best monster catching and monster collecting games. Brings back the arcade space shooter nostalgia from your childhood

Download Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter – Monster Attack MOD APK

Changelog- Fixed bugs

Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter – Monster Attack MOD Infomod 1
– free purchases for diamonds (their values do not change)

mod 2 mod 2 can be used after completing the tutorial
– free purchases for diamonds (their values do not change)
– high damage
– fast level increase

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