Stock Car Racing Mod APK v3.6.5 (Money)

Stock Car Racing Mod APK v3.6.5 (Money)

Stock Car Racing Apk info

Stock Cars Mod APK Game is an action-packed 3D racing game for Android devices with dozens of high-performance cars available, as well as a workshop where you can customize any of them to get maximum acceleration in each race.


Game Features : 

  • Multiplayer – Race head to head against other players in realtime.
  • Regulation – Race and set the difficulty for higher prizes.
  • Ladder – Race 10 laps against progressively faster opponents for increasing prizes.
  • Endurance – Race the full 400 lap distance.
  • Hot Lap – Set your fastest single lap on the leaderboard!
  • Practice – Practice racing lines and setup your car for race trim.

Stock Cars has great 3D graphics that will immerse you in the action in each race. To experience the adrenaline, customize the cars however you would like, then drive the high-speed vehicles in any of the many available game modes, such as multiplayer or endurance.

Not only that, but Stock Cars has very intuitive controls: simply tap on the gas and brake pedals to control the speed, while tapping on the directional arrows to steer the car. With realistic racetracks and all kinds of conditions, this game makes you feel like you’re really racing a stock car!

Stock Car Mod APK also has a damage system, so you’ll have to be careful with collisions! Crash into another car, and you’ll get potentially lethal damage… that could make it impossible to cross the finish line. Try Stock Car and experience the excitement of professional racing in this feature-packed game.

Stock Car Racing Mod APK
Stock Car Racing Mod APK
Stock Car Racing Mod APK

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Improved bot driving behaviour! Reduces bot cars tangling with you on turns.

-Bot driving behaviour improvements to reduce tangling up or pushing you off the track
-Stunningly beautiful tracks with improved graphics, dust, fog and sun flares!
-Try graphics on high in settings menu for the full effect of the realism improvements (best with faster phones)
-Updated car graphics including colored wheels
-bug and crash fixes

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