Survivalist: invasion Pro v0.0.597 (Mod – Endless money)

Survivalist: invasion Pro v0.0.597 (Mod – Endless money)

Introduce about Survivalist: invasion survival App

Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod APK Game action with RPG elements on the subject of survival. The player will travel to the tropical island, which became a field for criminal activities of the secret terrorist organization. The community wants to seize power all over the world with hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. For testing, the organization chose this piece of Paradise. Thwart the plans of villains with the support of the player will try a special agent trained to survive in any conditions. With it the user can explore the surrounding island of the archipelago and to fight with the walking dead and terrorists in Survivalist: invasion Pro Mod APK

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1. The storyline is supplemented by new exciting quests and tasks!
2. The game has been optimized.
3. Minor bugs fixed.

Survivalist: invasion survival MOD Info

– craft
– unlimited money
– unlimited energy
– unlimited covers covers
– unlimited research points
– immortality
– 99 level
– God Mod

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