The Sun: Origin Mod APK v2.1.8 (Free shopping)

The Sun: Origin Apk info

The Sun: Origin Mod APK Game – a full-fledged post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, the plot of which unfolds according to a rather familiar pattern. And so, according to the plot, scientists of all areas for several years foreshadowed the end of the world, but no one took seriously serious warnings about warnings, as a result, when a catastrophe broke out, those who had impressive cash or had access to secret bunkers managed to escape, but you are neither one nor the other. However, you managed to survive and the lucky few in the open air, that’s just one of those survivors you are. The rest of The Sun Origin Mod apk is a quality action game, with superb graphics, a huge amount of loot and an impressive arsenal of murderous gizmos, in the end you can note the intricate plot and hundreds of different missions to perform.

The Sun: Origin Mod APK
The Sun: Origin Mod APK
The Sun: Origin Mod APK

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– Added a task for the assembly of VSS «Vintorez»;
– New models of VSS «Vintorez»;
– New models of knives;
– Other fixes and improvements.

MOD Info

Free shopping with real money (click on the product you are interested in and click the information button and buy the selected product)
Endless ammo;
Stamina is not wasted;
You cannot die;
You do not receive damage;
The weapon increases the space in the inventory.

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