Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK v6.2.8 (Money)

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK v6.2.8 (Money)

Vegas Crime Simulator APK Review

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK Game is a third person action based game that’s been openly inspired by the amazing GTA: Vice City where you get to control a criminal throughout Las Vegas. Get ready, because you can do practically whatever you want. You can steal cars, start shoot outs, face other criminals, and much more.

Game Features :

  • Magic rope – it will allow you to move like a superhero, it helps you quickly move around the city, get into the most protected places such as a military base or police station. You can use the rope to attract objects or enemies.
  • Flight mode – this improvement gives your character to fly like a superhero.
    Landing – this superpower allows you to land from any height without damage, you can not be afraid to fall and die.
  • Super landing-the hero’s ability to land and deal damage to enemies.
  • Super kick – this feature allows you to kick objects or enemies with great force. You can kick anything you want: cars, environment items, enemies. Climbing walls – this superpower allows you to move on vertical surfaces such as buildings.
  • Robot skin – this costume allows the character to transform into a robot, this increases your stamina, armor, and life. This costume will help your hero become invincible in confrontations with enemies.
  • Superhero skin – allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a superhero, but do not forget your main goals in the gangster world. Stylish superhero costume will give your character additional abilities such as flying and jumping.

The Vegas Crime Simulator gameplay could seem really familiar if you’ve ever played the GTA saga. You can move your character anywhere around the city and steal any car you want. You can also shoot directly at the police and other criminals.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK has tons of different cars available that you can drive around, but there are also motorcycles, tanks and even helicopters. There are also tons of weapons to choose from: axes, guns, shotguns and machine guns.

Vegas Crime Simulator is an action packed game that any fan of the GTA saga is sure to love.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK


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