War Machines: Tank Army Game v6.7.1 (Last Update)

War Machines: Tank Army Game v6.7.1 (Last Update)

Introduce about War Machines: Tank Army Game App

War Machines APK Game is a military game, in which the action revolves around exciting battles between tanks. Not only that, but the tanks are styled after those seen in films such as Fury or The Beast of War.

In War Machines, you’ll have to take on up to eight enemies at once, both AI-controlled opponents and live players from all over the world. But your mission is the same as any deathmatch: defeat as many enemies as possible while trying not to get killed yourself! With each victory, you’ll earn resources you can use to get new parts for your tank, that will slowly but surely make your war machine more powerful!

War Machine Mod APK also has a complex advancement system, through which you can unlock new tanks -each one more powerful than the last- as well as decorative items that make it possible to customize every aspect of your tank.

With outstanding graphics, fluid controls, and great sound quality, War Machine is an essential title for any fan of military games.

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ChangelogThis update contains some quality of life improvements and fixes.

War Machines: Tank Army Game MOD InfoEnemies are always visible on the radar

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